Hello, my name is Jason Uechi. I grew up in Hawaii, spent a few years in Massachusetts, but been in the NYC area for quite some time now. My wife and son and I share a house with cats6, birds2, a few rats7 and a fish1. Best way to reach me: Tweet to @gravitymonkey, or my quasi-professional, tech-focused @jnu_io.

Things you might wanna know about me:

Spent the years of my youth learning how to compose music for classical instruments.

My krytponite: Butter Bridge 1. Can. Not. Do. It.

Spent the many years since on the internet, writing all sorts of software for all sorts of purposes. If you wanna more about know that professional kinda stuff, find out more here

When I was six or seven, I saw a sign that said "Grogan's Heros" on TV during a football game. Despite not knowing who Grogan was, nor ever really having seen "Hogan's Heros", I decided that the Patriots would be my favorite team. Also, it seemed inherantly unfair that they had to fly from London to the US to play other teams. This choice of outsider status and misunderstood geography seems to have fueled my life since.

I like writing mobile apps (been writing 'em since '01, long before smartphones, and when being "On Deck" was the best thing in the world). Gravity Monkey was originally a 150k greyscale game for the feature phone, and one of the earliest released for sale. I still like to build games more than I like playing 'em. One thing that was fun about the early days, both online then mobile, was designing for limited resources. In limitations there can be creativity and freedom (see: music composition).

My son and I made a game together. He kicks my butt in creative and code reviews. I try not to let him see me cry.

Generally, I'm a pretty nice, albeit goofy, but well adjusted person (citation needed). Then there's the sleep walking.

Visualization of large/dynamic/geographic data sets is a passion.

Not sold on the standard take on the universal, transcendental greatness of King Kamehameha, JFK or the Beatles. King Kaumualiʻi, LBJ and the Beach Boys (specifically, Brian) are getting the short end of the stick here.


Jason Uechi

The standard applies: I goes to IV, which usually goes to V; These thoughts and opinions are my own, and not that of my employer; Spinning wheel got to go round.