It's been a long time since I've written a blog post. Possibly, it was 2004 or so, as I can vaguely remember posting something about John Kerry.

Since then, I started a company, then joined another, which then got bought by yet another. Since my last blog post, the burden of perfection slowly imploded into an also-ran of 18-1, the global economy ate itself and began the dillusional process of regurgitating the pieces, my son dropped out of elementary school, and along the way, we all got smartphones.

And on the day of jubilation, proud of how far we as a nation had come since the days of Lincoln, the cello was made of fiberglass and the sounds pre-recorded, laying the first pebbles of disappointment down the path. Traveling, as every generation inevitably must, through our own version of "American Pie". Buddy, Kurt. Kurt, Buddy.

Over the years, maintaining a blog has been never been high on my list of to-do's, often only resurfacing in times of violent procrastination (it's tax time, did you notice?). WordPress could never match my affection for Movable Type, but Ghost has a focus on what I want -- which is to write, easily, quickly, on any device, and not to have to fuss with variables in display.

So I'm here to give this a shot. My sensei, and by sensei I mean "my favorite blogger and one of my favorite writers, and the reason New York owes a great deal of debt to Toronto," Clive Thompson, wrote:

Digital tools aren’t magical pixie dust that makes you smarter. The opposite is true: they give up the rewards only if you work hard and master them, just like the cognitive tools of previous generations.

As Clive discusses in his book, thinking in public has it's benefits. I'll try to note, riff, collect and organize my thoughts and fragments of ideas here, and hopefully something magical will accrue. More than the sum of it's parts, rather than just some parts.

Thanks for taking a peek at my thoughts.